02 Dec 2016

Personal Branding. Post or Die?

Death by Facebook and Linked In and how you must survive it…

Good Morning!

Now, there’s a reason, it’s Dave Crane by the way!

I’m not apologizing for being there training just saying Steve Kramer sorry because I just worry about why am I in the dark why can you see nothing because today is all about personal branding. It’s all about going from the darkness of whoever you are into the light dramatic effect just like this. Should be looking work out who you are you can find you and we can do business with you I’m not going to go on the roof. Today I’m going to instead go outside and we’ll probably see our gardener actually come in my dog is coming as well just to get there we go. Sorry about that! When I end up moving the camera around a little bit, goes a bit weird to do everything. I thought we just go somewhere different from on the roof I’m going to go up in the gym stuff later on.

So here we are as me and ash is now running about somewhere and just doesn’t wanna be on the camera which is fine. How are you this morning? Are you could fantastic I went along yesterday to the annual general meeting of the little bit. Yeah, which is the International live events association to trade association the people who work in events and exhibitions very fascinating amazing group of people and that the Middle East chapter is growing unbelievably.

So if you’re interested because you’re into the events industry if you’re exhibitions conferences as a supplier or as a practitioner or anything related that our hotel owner representative work it and you want to get close to the people you could be doing business with definitely. Definitely join that earlier I’ll be a google it a really amazing group of people and also if you have a certain grievance about the industry and you want to be able to address it probably means the people were there for you for a trade association and I feel very privileged to be part of that group.  Ok, so we’re chatting yesterday and a number of things came up one of which was the fact that people are talking about the donor has been public speaking.

And we also don’t know about the public branding novices personal branding is a massive issue for me is something I really enjoy talking about because if you see my website, turbochargeyourbrand.TV and that the link will be on this video at the end of its own sure you have a look at it it’s all about tips and techniques of the stuff. I’ve been doing as a broadcast from here on a regular basis it’s all about that kind of stuff about creating a personal brand.

Kind of windy today, isn’t it nice day them and have a quick look you can get an idea about where we are. Yeah that’s my garden like a very are so you know about not just them in had some green screen but that would be doing that anyway. So why should we create a personal brand why should you have an interest in letting people know what’s going on now. I understand completely why people might be scared about putting their image and their details and their family life. I want to get up to align I’m not saying you should do that in fact that’s probably you should not be doing and what you are a personal brand whether you believe it or not people are talking about you. People are making decisions about you and deciding whether to use you are not used for upcoming business ventures and possibilities.

And as a supplier or somebody want to get consultancy and information from but doing that anyway whether you decide that you want to be online or not I was a number of different profiles you can use of, coz you already know about the platform’s online you can be talking to with the ground Twitter you on facebook you should be on linkedin as well he should be an Instagram. Because of the fact that a lot of people love Instagram I person they’ve got a woman can scream account but don’t do much with it if it gets windy and it falls over that. Because it’s windy and the camera is going to fall over if your number to keep on youtube the thing is all these different things I say you should be on and for many people they don’t know all I don’t know what to do very quickly just go to the website for all these different platforms you here and register your name create a very simple profile like on google plus create a simple profile and leave it. Six put some information down through the thing is this is how you want to be seen ok so you know you don’t know what’s the plan again don’t worry about that if you want to block it so at least you are the most important person on the planet with your name now you can find me as a hitting coach the life designer or David Crane or Dave m Crane sometimes have missed the boat.

Because they’ve created is also the name of a very famous DJ in Leeds in the UK and also the name of the guy who was one of the writers of friends and the guy could have created a number of computer games in the eighties and nineties is a couple of David Cranes. I’m competing with all the times I’d like to think they can beat them with me they probably would think that so you’ve got number of people have your name is not exclusive on the planet. But when you put that people found you if you’re looking for you Robin somebody else now in many cases it might be too late in many cases for 2050 hundred people called John Smith or whatever your name is. I’ve already got the templates are the website booked in their name in which case you have to think of another way of doing him where you put the third in front of your name are you put number 1 a 1 at the end or something.

But we should look it reading your book is very simple bonnie, clyde khaled a gardener this comes it is a bit here but the reason we do it is because as I mentioned. If you haven’t done it somebody else will take that for you so what kind of content should be putting on both first of all. All the stuff you want people to find now here’s something that’s kind of scary is. If you don’t give people enough information about you they will make assumptions about you. First of all, the wonder what you hiding if you haven’t got a profile if you’re not on Facebook a not linkedin what is it that you’re trying to hide from you might just be saying I don’t want to do it. I don’t confront everybody else that people don’t think like that what do you think is this person is dodgy when I get business come from somebody. And I go home I look him up on Facebook and look about on linkedin of cross-reference their personal life and a business-like and then decided i want to add them as my friend on both and also decide from there if you want to do business with them.

If I can’t find those details and generally have a big question mark over who that person is and it might be but just don’t feel comfortable online or in a different world that in a world now where once upon a time we see super paranoid about well. What our information would be and how people can find out what’s going on appeal can find out regardless about what’s going on and they are making a decision about who you are and what you do. So they’re gonna make a decision about to imagine or put something out that you them to find otherwise they’re gonna make decisions that a lot of the ones that you truly want them to find.

Now, also that it’s a mindset generational thing as well right now I’m of a generation of people who think about my information. I don’t want people to know my information my business and what’s going on the paranoia just a viable paranoia about the government’s and authorities and rich people who might be checking out stuff that’s going on I’m manipulating the way the world is. That sounds paranoid but just google and you end up reasons to find out that might have some truth to it but the next generation of the current generation.

Don’t think about I to think about we think about global village mentality as far as they’re concerned whoever you are you are part of a bigger chain of people almost like a hive of people all around the world were friends. And as a result of being friends they share information with each other I mean no problem other people finding out who they are and what they’ve been up to we’ll post. Whatever it takes to get that relationship going now is gonna come back and haunt them when it comes to get a job. Maybe especially if they’re looking for a job that doesn’t involve being drunk and disorderly and waking up in the skip with a police code on your head. And somebody had never met before got that that’s not one of my personal stories but right now they’re not thinking in terms like that and you should be thinking as a combination of both Global Village People share information.

But only puts out what you want people to find about you don’t put out anything that’s too personal so anybody who’s had a big argument and puts online no not anybody’s mom said the government agency or some kind of big company known location of the UAE. I mean it’s true for anywhere football’s pop stars celebrities who think that their ability to talk about things were personal point of view allows you to get away with stuff. The waiver if you’re broadcasting agency by the BBC or CNN or Fox you can get away with no no it’s the same thing the minute you start posting you become a personal Broadcasting House you are media and you’re using media. So you can be very very careful what you post you can’t get the serious trouble I saying the wrong thing about somebody and they can see you in the UAE. A very, very, very sensitive about it can take photos of people and publish them without their permission.

I was very good reasons for doing that you might say bad guy cut me out is a dangerous driver. You should never be doing that let’s take a photo of his but firm license plate a name and shame but the other side is what’s really stalking you what some is taking too much information of you. I’m putting online by your permission so you can be prosecuted I think we’re very good reason. So it’s not about public branding personal branding and get the stuff out that you want people to know about you be brave and put out the only the stuff that’s good about you. Only the stuff that’s honest on the stuff we want people to find we have experience of of whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange where you think them personally where they exposed to the world all the things that that shady people have been doing that ends up the massive scrutiny of them and usually some kind of prosecution.

Now is a wake-up call the authorities have all your details anyway they know where you are we can track you and they can zoom in on you. Now whether it’s from satellites are for your phone or whatever they can locate you we can build up from your facebook profile prices have been shown in psychology we can build up ninety-nine percent accuracy what you post on facebook as a way of who you are what you eat what you like and what who you vote for. So that information is out there should be paranoid I think you should be a little bit paranoid but also the same time you should also carry on with your life because otherwise if you worry too much about you stay in the box you’ll never get out. So what’s the next stage of public above the personal branding well if we go to turbochargeyourbrand.TV. I have tons of interviews of people who are all experts on personal branding guys like Jack Canfield it’s not about how you should create your own business. And how you should formulate it on the stuff of your problem you have natural strengths for people like Tracy.

We give you expert tips on sales and driving your brand and driving a business other people be interested in – I guess that dr. john gray the experts from worm of men from Mars Women are from Venus. It’s quickly about four videos that Dr. Webber front seven your finest and it talks about how your relationship with your other hard your partner or men and women than men, women that is able to shape how people perceive you and also how you can get more out of those relationships to a key elements. All this and this is something I get massive interested is public speaking I reckon summary of the original of thirty to fifty percent on average of your earnings are enhanced if you’re able to speak properly doesn’t mean gambler or meet speaking in public be able to communicate effectively a bit more on that in coming sessions.

And my very good friend Ernesto Verdugo and I are planning something and Mitch Carson planning something special for those of you based in debates in the US income along that can be running a course speaking richer which will help to train you to be a public speaker now you might not want to be a public speaker you might not have an interest in going out motivating people that’s fine most people don’t banana temple the massive fear of public speaking and it’s something that is created we don’t get on with that if you’ve got kids are you.

Once were a kid which is most people then you’ll know but have no fear of telling exactly what they want but just say it. But somewhere along the line somebody tells him otherwise and make some really scared about talking in public and as a direct result of that they don’t like to communicate that’s a massive problem. As a massive opportunity missed because if you can speak better you can find out exactly how to get the stuff that you want you can get the people you want. Somebody to inspire motivate them and of course if you’re visible because you say things that other people wouldn’t be comfortable saying in public you become more prominent and get better promotions literally between three thirty and fifty percent. Very conservatively more earnings for the in a lifetime because you can speak properly that’s a massive part of your personal brand.

Now what I’m not saying you have to do videos like this on a regular basis there’s something upset you want to do is I want to share who I am and what I do and also give great tips for people and hopefully that work to enhance their lives. So talking about things like current talk about things are relevance and talk about things related to my own business as a motivational speaker so if you’re a cook chef plumber doesn’t matter what it is. You do whatever your job is you might think nobody’s interested in you just go to work by guarantee that all the other people who have want to hire your services. I want to be in a career like you are also supply something like you would love to find out more about how it is that you do your stuff I’m a decision making that you take.

And with that you are instantly creating your own personal ground so think about that people are creating a personal brand about you whether or not you’re deciding to make it happen or not. So you might as well take control and make it happen and yes people are going to not like you the minute you step above a bit of the parapets people will decide it. Like you and don’t like you but hey we’re doing it anyway if you’re right , you don’t like just delete it okay that’s the end of lesson for today do your personal grounds or die I’m not joking about it we’re in a world now where people will decide. They like you and want to do business with you based on what you actually dare to do you might as well put it out there and the noble art you might have some fun you might meet the person of your dreams or a psycho it’s up to you but anyway have a lot of fun.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

I think tomorrow we need to talk about stress management if you get stressed on a regular basis especially when I’m doing a broadcast like this is too much noise in the background you probably got me. All the roadworks to have a quick look at the road works this is why I have to contend with I’m going up on the roof and a moment to do my gym stuff is outside my house.

Yes, the building an air raid shelter not really ok that’s it for me and ash look after yourself and I’ll catch up to you tomorrow. And if there’s anything on this article that was useful to you and please feel free to share it and I’d love to catch a movie later and your comments as well. Let me know what you think let me know what you want to talk about tomorrow probably gonna be about stress management. It could be anything – what about the baby does not like being on telly does not like having a personal grand say it’s holiday starts with your dog, maybe she’s going to get that.

Have a nice day!

See you later!

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