01 Dec 2016

No more nightmares EVER after you watch this!

No more nightmares EVER after you watch this!
Good Morning!
It’s me Dave Crane, on my roof. I hope you feel good about lots of noise all the way through without look at this look at the road works it’s like transformers have met to breed is lots of big machines all cutting up everything is all part of that was. I’ll tell you what’s happening here you see all the way down here can see just all the way down there where the basic building massive trenches for the piping just take a quick look at a shot my dog – hey hey yeah. She thinks his food involved I see your petrol station just about the critical thinking and also over here they’re building a massive lulu hypermarkets over that would be nice for traffic you see there that’s what this is all about. And that should be ready sometime next 500 years so that’d be nice and comfortable for me so I hope you feel good today i want to talk about couple of things LOL narrow it down because I was is a broadcast again quite long.

And then you’re probably going but they just talk about one thing but talk about it properly like you’re grown up and then we can stop I can go and do better things with the day with my doggie the latch that’s because she’s hiding. They so you can always go to rearrange her before she does anything right Dreamz is what I want to talk about how dreams are made so right sit sit then go get report you got it. Edit this she’s in a game to get a good day sorry I was interrupted my broadcast by having my doggie wanting to hijack everything never work with kids and dogs of which I do both and I kind of like it works so what we’re talking about was actually all about how dreams are made. Now most people but it comes to dreams have no idea why they have nightmares no idea why I have nice dreams it just kind of happens and most of the time have no idea what happened during their dreams.

But sometimes there’s a little bit of a you build things come back and so on I’m gonna explain my version of the how dreams work and it was saying. Okay Dave, well what’s the difference you and a bloke who works down the park all the differences I’m a certified hypnotherapist match to end up p practitioner and life coach and we’re working in the realm of dreams for many years and I’ve put people into dreams all around the world and some underneath maybe ten fifteen thousand people. So I’ve had a bit of experience about daytime dreams nighttime dreams and all the recipe doesn’t mean I actually go around people’s houses and sit next to their beds because that would be called the stalker. I’ll be really creepy and I don’t think that lets you pay me a huge amounts of money I’m joking i still don’t do that so in terms of dreams what is it we give the way your mind works is your mind is like a super computer.

And you see the computer will generate any kind of information but it’s there to help you by the way let me give you a diagram I’ll very quickly draw you a diagram come. And join me here like to move around quite a lot because it helps me think now I don’t even see that that behind me just about any just join me nice to see their crane and I do this on a regular basis every morning share some stuff of you which hopefully will get you closer to where you need to be in terms of working out where your life is way businesses. And your relationships at the same time there we go we can just about such started out. Ok so imagine your mind is like an iceberg by the Titanic can see that big triangle ok imagine the water here is below the surface all this is below the surface all this is above the surface , dog trying to get calls me now this is your conscious mind.

This is a bit with dealing with right now this is your subconscious I’ll keep this very simple because what they want to do is spend far too much time on this was a load of different things that could go into this. And we really just want to talk about the realm of dreams so here’s your conscious mind and in here you have your willpower we go w p and you got your logical decision making. And hey you’ve got your else going on here and you’ve got your creative decisions related decisions and you’ve got your normal short-term memory short-term memory none of this will make sense when you look back at it. But if you imagine as I wrote it makes some sense as I was doing it will be kind of easy to understand a lot of a surface here is your subconscious mind and then here is your unconscious mind he steals a beauty sleep so all the big stuff is in here.

So in here you’ve got your imagination you’ve got your protective factor that keeps you safe like a Rottweiler in your mind you’ve got your senses you know your habits what your values you’ve got your see what long-term memory you got a lot of other stuff that’s really interesting in here as well. By the way, if you want to know about how how prayer works and how this is going to a big deep one out how your link to all things is to do the superconscious mind which is meant to be here. Superconscious mind and also thought about this and the secrets I’ve ever had a secret by the law of attraction that’s all in this area I’m not going to do that today.

I’m going to talk about how dreams work so if you imagine that this is your mind that water there it’s like an iceberg this water is like visit your conscience is a subconscious. So below the surface is your subconscious mind now when you go into hypnosis are you going to sleep this whole thing turns around the flipped on its head. So it gives me about to imagine for you and imagine going like that this is what happens when you go to sleep your conscious mind can switches off your subconscious mind comes to the topless don’t see that you have to be able to read it. Just trust me it turns the other way around and so as a result of that when you’re in some kind of sleep level then your conscious mind is doing its own thing but your subconscious mind all the big stuff comes out.

So how does this have any relevance to one’s dreams well dreams are literally your mind is a super computer and whatever you put into it when we program into it, will work on now whatever you program in it. Will work on regardless of whether it’s good or bad feel it doesn’t decide what’s good about now for the computer edges decides what it’s got to work on. So if you are very negative person and he program in lots of negative things about the day will come up with lots of negative answers because that’s how it works the same for a very positive person and when you go to sleep what it does like any computer it goes into cleaning mode. And it basically starts to work its way through all the information that you put in during the day so if you had a good day and lots of wonderful things have happened it work out like that that a terrible day. It work it out about that but what happens is remember your dreams are only your conscious mind will return back to this diagram which is not completely upside down so what makes so much sense your dreams are only our conscious mind a bit below the surface that’s a bit that’s above the surface now.

Because you’re in hypnosis and dreams on the conscious mind being able to work out how this all fits together so it doesn’t necessarily mean that you understand it probably because the conscious mind is only a small part of your overall mindset. So here’s the deal work your dreams at the resetting of all the balances of all the things all the information during a day they’re not good they’re not bad they’re just there but they are there to help you and what also happens with your dreams is very interpretation of the end result of your information. This sounds a bit complex and trust me it’s not with works is it’s put together in a way that only you will understand so for instance you’ve met my dog – is my dog – is chilling out.

There we go that’s ash, so if i have a big black dog in my dreams and for me that means something came to save me in my dreams so I’m always looking for a dog dogs are great for me because I love dogs and a cat and some came after eight casas ok out there is a cat but for me having a big black dog or any kind of dog means that something my dreams came to help me. If you hate dogs and you get dog in your dream it doesn’t mean that something else conservatives you mean your brain is throwing at you something that doesn’t feel comfortable that you have to work your way through. So nobody can interpret your dreams because your dreams are so personal to you and the coding of your dreams manifest meant for you I written in a way but only you will understand.

But one thing remember your brain your supercomputer your subconscious mind is the way that you needed to be it’s only there for you and spend to help you certainly know is a nightmare there to hurt you a nightmare. Might just be a dream as a little bit stronger trying to teach you something so we have to do you simply come out the dream and say write what the hell was that about sometimes you remember it really well sometimes you can’t remember it. So well you can remember that well that’s quite they’re worried about it this one – I wet the bed now I’m joking about with him I am joking about went to bed. If you do with the bed in a regular basis that’s a different conversation and I might not to get into it right now change your subject.

So if you’re thinking about why dreams are going a certain way well I think about your mind is trying to remind you about certain things so if you have a dream that really annoys you like a nightmare then it’s not actually a horrible thing is your mind trying to tell you to do something with that information. Let me explain, if you have a dream where you’re running down corridors constantly was lots of dollars and being chased by this big monster maybe your brain is saying – it’s time to stop running maybe same to you. What you should actually do is pay attention to the dollars and open one and go in and there’s something differently in your brain you can do this. Same way as if you’re being chased by a monster maybe we should stop and ask the monster what the hell you doing and have a dialogue rather than just keep running because your brain your subconscious mind is like a nagging kid.

If you got any kids you know exactly what my kids really like so imagine that you got kids just saying please pay attention please pay attention, please and that noise is really annoying until you actually pay attention we’ll carry on doing it. I want some chocolate and some chocolate cake I’m be really annoying as well by sharing this with you but that’s basically what your subconscious mind works. So in order to get the very best out of it you have to pay attention to it so if you’re being chased by a monster down the corridor in your mind stop running. And say what you want and then something will happen then the Meitner will disappear because you get recurring nightmares are carrying dreams let me just your brain lagging you that’s how to do something with it.

So how do you interpret these dreams once you’ve woken up well you need to be in a semi-conscious state you know about dreamlike state you get you get in when you wake up in a bit dopey you could actually turn back into that if you get used to being some numbers on a regular basis. I think about power naps you know when you really don’t be and switch off in 20 minutes very useful for you by the way and go to a semi-conscious state go into that state more I do that treated like who wants to be a millionaire. Have you ever seen wants to be a millionaire if not you don’t have a television who wants to be a millionaire is show where people beat you get humiliated by some celebrity because absolutely no nothing.

But if it do not view things that we get the opportunity to make a million dollars or pounds or repeats or dirhams depending which show which country is going on in. So in terms of how this all comes together Kiki I go back into a dream state and ask myself what the hell was that all about and imagine that my brain control to me. But in a way that is who wants to be a millionaire so got four different options a B C or D so i’ll say you’re right this thing was happening to me yesterday what was that all about. And it will say a could be this be it could be that see it could be that and d it could be that and I go okay yeah what be and if brains happy with that my subconscious mind goes yeah what about it I mean it’s one or two and maybe it’s all for but my brain will give me a way of interpreting it.

And what happens is once I have actually accepted but there was a scenario that had to pay attention to it disappears I never had it back again now as for how your dreams work all it is a rebalance of all the information that goes on in your head journal today. And you can change in you can alter it and you can do anything you want with it but you can also program it so I don’t have been really cool drinks before I go to bed before you saying uh I know what you’re thinking not necessarily but sometimes what you going to do is before you go to sleep remember your brain is gonna work its way through all the different things that happened during a day. So you can actually flavor it and hijack what that dream is going to be so for instance if you have a superhero dream what some superhero stuff before you go to met you have to watch a whole movie.

Because there was a lot of complicated the stuff that comes in maybe go to youtube what’s your favorite moments in the movie if your love car driving and one of the driving movie watch some could clips in a formula 1 program your mind to a certain flavor it’s like getting a glass of water and dropping some cod ulan so it becomes flavored with flavor your dreams true try it tonight at experience of flaming your own dreams. And get interpretation of anything that you want and from that point on going to sleep becomes a lot more pleasurable because then you can choose how you want to sleep some people don’t do a life of course some people just go oh no I had a nightmare.

And the beds are where its lumpy as even worse so they go better as a sort of a crash course on how to work your way from the dreams and guarantee you have a nice dream every single night thanks see behind me this is all my gym gear you have a noise which is the traffic actually not trapping I think about is actually the Transformers having babies and having lots of little transformers. We’re gonna keep me up all night fixing my road maybe we’ll have a wonderful day and love your feedback share this with your friends after the first time in a long time I’m not talking about breaks it I’m not talking deliberately.

I’m not talking about anything to do with european union and what’s going to happen to England in football except but tonight we play against solution is it against iceland acids like a tiny country but an amazing country is done really well. So funny euros there’s a very good chance that they’ll just part of us we want to score a single goal because we really rubbish at it and let it go to penalties and we could get beaten now. I really, really sincerely hope that’s not the case but it does happen and I wouldn’t be surprised me then watch with space.

And we’ll talk tomorrow and I’ll tell you, I told you so mind you I might decide just go to bed and not bother any of that have plenty of dreams and in my dreams Engle with Mr. Ward is not an angle sports it goes boo but you have to go to trust me i’m out about time for watching play it’s not looking good.
So anyway on behalf of me and my dog – if she is a lovely action chilled out listen to me and of course my gym kit which is not going to get some pummeling as I have to do my crossfit first thing I money to keep the belly down.
Have a great day!

Look after yourself and be crazy ok. And if you any more questions about dreams or anything else feel free to share them with me, you can check it out by putting in the comments section and make sure you submit to our to follow this by facebook business page because then you get an alert every time I do a broadcast and you have to catch more Secondhand.

If this is useful share with your friends and I’d love to hear about your your conclusions and if you disagree and that’s great as well but you’re up and joking it is a great let me know to like them as well.
Ok, bye, bye!
See you…might be crazy happy yeah!

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