03 Jan 2017

Motivational Speaking – The ONE question YOU must ask in 2017…

Hi, I’m Dave Crane, having a good day good beginning of the year for you lots of business that’s money coming in lots of interesting people to talk to I’ve towards a quite a few people I’ve gotta say that had mixed results from everybody not just for me. When I’m talking to people about how they years going some people like really confused about the facts.

A brand new year old people are saying well you know it’s a bit the same as last year other people for holiday blues of kicked in and they wish we hadn’t had to go back to work. But one thing that I would say is the rule of thumb for everybody this year is one question now we don’t know what’s gonna happen this year could be a whole range of things financially. Things can be fantastic everybody could make tons of money and suddenly realizing enough for everybody we could have the banks.

Actually turn around and say right no interest on any credit card you can keep all the cash where and that’s highly unlikely we know it’s not gonna happen you could find out there’s lots of clients who come through. But you had thoughts about start spending their money you’re also good find that was less cancellations and also the weather could be fantastic all the time and people. Generally happy and not whining so much but the odds are it won’t be like that so it’s flying by the way around my head over to that God was already got my nose and mouth mechanical but not for me. So the bigger the whole world is gonna be good or bad or indifferent based on lots of different things but there’s one question but you’ve got to have in your head regardless of how well this year goes.

Because some things will be good something bad happened some render stories about things that happen to people about some good stories that happen to people but most amount of it does really tough year 2016. 2017 is looking slightly better but only because that level of positivity but we have but remember 2017 in my eyes is going to be pretty much 2016 but you should be ready for it which is why that big questions share of you is the thing you should have in your head. You should write this down keep it and use it and share with all your friends now the odds I gonna get some tough times you have things that work things that don’t work like that. Counsel clients that say let’s do more clients are guilty of competition and decide to marry them.

Here’s the question what are you gonna do next so what you’re going to do next are you gonna whine about it yeah fine wine about it you win okay what you’re gonna do next I’m going to get more clients in are you going to lie down on the floor. Okay lie down on the floor finished helping out what you gonna do next is the decisions that you make next that going to form a good horrible or fantastic 2017. So get used to reframe your mind actually admire and I practice this and in the car this morning I was whining about this and that and winching a little bit.

And she says daddy all the stuff you told me today is making me sad let’s reframe and we’ve been coached by a six-year-old with your afternoon. So we are framed it we will look at all the opportunities that came with the things I was complaining about how we change the subject completely talk about favorite songs about all the things that I really liked in less than 30 seconds with both feeling hi happy and the world became a wonderful place that inspired me for the rest of the day, to be really good get stuck into work bring lots of clients do some cold calling.

Get some objections get some more people turned say yes but basically go out fighting in a way that maybe I wouldn’t have done it myself to dwell on good times and bad times. Now you’re gonna get some good times you’re going to get bad times gonna get a real range of things that will test you in 2017. But always be prepared to ask that question what are you gonna do about it next.

That’s it for me, Father the day. If nothing else, I’ll catch up with late to.

Take it easy.


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