30 Nov 2016

How To Win Every Battle Every Time…

Why England lost and you don’t need to…

Yay look at this, it’s England shirt!

Good Morning, it’s Dave Crane.

I don’t wear this shirt marry off with a tell you why I had a massive, massive England Football supporter and whatever put this on it makes me feel a bit like coke / clown or Ronald McDonald or something. Because every time I wore shirt or any English shirt and only go along to a restaurant or bar and watching and playing and a lot of my friends and not from England but we all share one thing in common that’s overwhelming knowledge about Bill end up going on don’t worry David’s it’s only a bit of fun and laughing at the end of the game. Now last night or this morning the UAE time I stand up to about 1 130 watching England against Iceland now if you don’t know the result of love and spoil it for you we lost 2-1 immediately and sat there.

And I watched it from the very beginning effect I could tell we were going to lose it sounded terrible thing to say thank you for reading of that I could tell we’re going to lose from the very first game. We played against Russia aliens Wales I guess the back here and against Iceland I’m going to share with you exactly how I know about. Now first of all if you’re in England fan I don’t everybody knows that anymore but I mean as Gary Lineker tweeted yesterday is saying about the factor. Here we are so determined to get out of Europe the European Union we’ve done the same thing with football works it felt like that yesterday and that clueless players just seemed really bad words but it’s been really good players for the best team ever seeing. What’s the problem is missing back him for speed the delivery the confidence on the ball and then the complete cluelessness but actually came around to delivering something that’s what I want to share with you how to win every single battle.

But you fight England could have one last night I’m not saying I should be a manager because that’s the last job I won’t let me tell you exactly how they could have won. And how you can win in every single situation you take on is that interesting to you would you like to know how. I’m up here in the roof by the way, of love, love my lolly dog, ash as a my friend John C said is it hash no complete everything at because she’s black. Okay there she is running around not because that smoke my dog or anything else that fits him of that so wherever you are across the world we’re just gonna get that cleared up so we’re going to tell you today that have to do with every single battle that you’ve ever thought or fight in the future and this is how I saw plan my life. And I hope is of use to you now England is just an example last night if you like the football then bear with me.

Because I’ll illustrate exactly what I’m talking about in terms of football by the way that star there see that star on the England supporters t-shirt that says that we want a world cup. Once I was nineteen sixty-six i wasn’t even born yet that sounds like how much joy I would have during my entire lifetime based on what we saw yesterday. And it looks like that gasps at the gate by the way is is a leading runner to take over from war Hudson and the if you remember gap southgate love the guy I’m sure he missed a penalty he’s the guy is going to take over Mr. Penalty and was kicked out of one of your vision world cup thing is the ages ago anyway.

Good luck to England and for everybody else forget it Iceland you did really well and this is how Iceland one and now England didn’t have the kind of what I’m going to show you exactly how, how it’s done. So you can use some business and relationships and also give yourself a much easier happy life less, stress less great for that be useful to you I should hope. So because that makes a massive difference for whoever you are I find that I use this technique and some people might say it’s a bit defeatist but you know what I end up being happy every single day and they’ll end up with like everybody else going I don’t know I can’t believe that happened I know exactly what’s gonna happen. It was a very special way but I get around to making that a reality for me ok, a little straight how to win every single battle but he go into with a very simple technique.

First of all I’m going to tell you about the best practitioner of this I’ve ever come across and this is a guy with erik Hartman you might not even have heard of. But you can substitute Muhammad Ali and investors as well but let’s choose Eric Cartman, Eric Carmen german guy flew for the Luftwaffe person that sees or Germany now it’s a cat stop is the English here where it sorry got lots of friends that Jay with that would be the sounds that the public safe lu far left weather during the second world war and during that time he was in combat aerial combat and amazing 1404 times that she took part in battle so flavor that many times he took part in battle 825 times it was a hundred twenty-five times yeah she managed to down. I mean like down 352 aircraft most of them were Soviet aircraft with all allied and seven of them actually an American so you can work out the figures now the guy was a particularly great pilot but he did one thing that I would share with you but that’s what English should have done for Iceland did. And what every team that’s smart should do whatever your part of the business team or just you on your own doing your own thing what he did was he had a system called see this side attack and reverse see this side attack and reverse. Now this sounds like a brick complicated but it’s amazingly simple show you exactly how simple this is where you put your mind to it now he knew but whenever there’s a battle going on he was flying a so-so plane was a good plain good fighter pilot plane you know with big guns on the Friends of machine guns.

And so on but by no means was it the best plane that was out there he also knew that what happens is a lot of people find information but he wasn’t particularly I mean I heard i tried to find it but I got told before we actually had a slight disability. So it’s not limit on one side which made it very difficult for me to get into dog fights in news very it wasn’t as good as other piles of dog fights so here’s a genius part of it are you ready for it how did eventually get all those those hits those winds down as a craft a bit more successful. Em, excuse me most successful pilot of all time hold on let’s get a quick drink come with me two seconds okay with me I’m just gonna go into my this is my multi gym by the way it is why should be working out but without a roof. Because it’s much nicer and the weather is good has been hot this summer she is yes i know i shouldn’t be drinking outside.

So I’m not going inside ok so let’s get back to this whole. So he knew that if he got into a dogfight he would lose the battle because some people much faster much stronger better aircraft and their aerial and maneuverability would mean that if you’re a fighter pilot your ability to shift around with strength and upper-body strength would mean that you would be somebody using a little. It is a lesser plane are not strong as you so he didn’t ever get involved in that can do battle what you would do was under cloud formation he just observe a group of aircraft enemy aircraft and it looked to see which of the part of the planes he could take out without being injured and get us right he never ever ever got shot down 14 times he crashed but only because of flying debris after he blasted his way through a plane never got shot down ok but this is very important. So what you do is it look for a plane was a straggler or something this week or you choose a certain type of aircraft for instance a lot of the big bombers only had one little machine gun on the back of it.

So he knew that he could actually get to them without anybody stopping him and sometimes he dive in from the clouds and go back out again sometimes it go in and he pulled away before anybody could find out ever see him you always made sure he had cloud cover and he go down and get really, really close to the plane really close and when it was no choice but to fire he blast them. So close that he had to sometimes fly through the plane of the debris that was created by it in order to get away what that meant a couple of things first of all you sometimes flow through other planes to get to the one they wanted. But he would cherry-pick now this is the key the way to win every single battle is only to fight the ones that you know you will win revelation only fight the battles.

You know you will you win which means don’t do that provided a thing of saying come on then let’s see how good we all are what if you lose what we find something is better than you will find some of these tactics are smarter than yours or luck comes into it he never did that the way became the best fighter pilot of all time was simply to choose the battles he knew he could win any event. He came in with complete surprise and hit somebody and flew out the way he could get away and most of his battles with just one hit wonders it go in and take somebody out and it go. So by the time they worked out all that’s the guy had begun maybe circle around the clouds go back and again but you always make sure they had an exit strategy.

So you see you observe what’s going on you decide the best plan of attack then you do attack gonna get out don’t hang around don’t wait for someone else to come along so I I can beat you know because whatever didn’t beat you then you’ve lost everything and in the world of fighter pilots or football or anything else than losing is everything is all about results and your life is probably the same as well. Ok so you get a chance to to review and change what you do things at the same time it’s really, really important but you do get as many hits as possible. So let’s bring it back to buy England Football shirt delivered a microclimate the third back over cloud – that goes with it and I’m sorry too for Roy Hodgson designing but i’m not really but anyway.

So what should you have done last night to beat in Iceland we should have taken a leaf of Iceland’s book, Iceland have nothing to lose massive plays physically bigger and stronger than most of England plays they play together 11 of them have been in the same lineup for all their games during the euro championships. They also know exactly where everybody’s gonna be and exactly how they gonna hit him in over a very strong and counter-attack have another brilliant and creating a defense now they might only have one or two tricks and probably a few more than that but not that many but they studied in England and they worked out the inland.

Didn’t really have a decent plan of attack we just kept locking in balls left right and center but they couldn’t finish it so they just stopped and frustrated England and there’s no way we’re going to get proper course of a week becoming in the shower getting dressed like this there’s no way in was going to get proper goal in normal time unless about the penalties and they need that when it comes the belt is you’re going to like that where you could get away. All of them is God bicurious down the toilet so that’s what we did the words how was England didn’t do very well the works out well evaded very well and that’s what stuck – simple strategy didn’t deviate from that at all and they got to lightning fast calls in realized that the turn things around very quickly after the first penalty we’ve got one goal is equalized another 12 to make sure about – they’re in the lead.

And it is stuck about lead when you’re good at defending land because of watch the vaca divots they watched whales meeting not beating england but this other things as well as did and also how Russia were able to frustrate England us with a very last bit it might have had some really good players some really good strikers but they were playing to their strengths which is using wings getting the ball across the guys like story Jim body or excellent abandoned infant very close range. That’s what they do very well forget the long ball but goalkeeper can stop that we end up they can’t take a lot of long ball shots and looking clueless in front of the goals so how do they would have beaten what I, Iceland in my opinion by the way and I’m not a football manager and just the bloke who sits on his roof of the stands in his room very good with Jim and so as you lots of stuff which i think is kind of important.

And you might go uh-huh whatever right what everyone should have done is very simply bit got their stuff together I don’t mean stuff man Shh got their stuff together they know very simply that Iceland will park the bus they know they’re bigger and stronger not a skillful maybe and certainly not as experienced your average ice on player plays in the third, second or maybe even first division of English Football. So by no wait anything is high rated but they played as a team and they knew exactly how they’re going to get the ball in the back of the net. Because it is the same thing twice England in the non-thing at low, it is hoped that natural skills and natural challenge would win and at that level it didn’t I don’t think as many people start watching that game.

There were surprised to find that Iceland just had a strategy that meant that they were going to be England and I think the battle was won even before it started it. But it’s worked out how they’re going to beat them one trick pony pass it around bang bang, bang, bang back of the net get back that’s it okay you got it man you probably typing the same day the game wasn’t like that doesn’t really matter does. It is only football it’s only most important game in the world from running but here’s the point from now on whenever you do something and you can look at everything from your relationships your business to your your decisions about how you gonna do stuff in the future to buying a house buying a car or pitching for something stop trying to win based on the odds of you actually managing to get through ok you might be bigger and stronger than most people what does that guarantee.

When well no you’re open but you can put it all together well don’t do all that what if it doesn’t work out what if things happen that about humiliate you or ruin that whole effect here’s what i’m suggesting as much more simple than that only fact the battles that you are guaranteed to win if you’re not guaranteed to win. Let somebody else do it in the consequences of it all goes nasty all goes wrong you’ve only got yourself to blame so cherry pick choose one thing or two things but one thing better than anything special world of google where people can google one thing and you won’t be able to dominate that in terms of SEO. And talk to my friend Ali Saudhi from be first so it’s not exactly how to do it properly and you want to make sure that when you do get found you know exactly how to win every single battle to concentrate. One thing looking a whole business with your life look at your decision making and narrow it down to one thing he did better than anybody else and sticks of that now what’s coming up a football for those interested in those like me to look at what heroes anymore but certainly in English Football you’ve got Jose Mourinho Oh against pep guardiola manchester united vs manchester city and the interesting thing about that is jose mourinho is probably one of the best tactical manager of all time but says pep guardiola the husband reading with this one thing he picks his battles he gets rid of all the things other people do like nurturing the team.

And growing youngsters and trying to market is it forget all that you spend good money to get in the best practitioners of his system his system is slow the game down and counter-attack until you get one goal two goals and then defend is boring. It’s really boring it’s really irritating and what happens after a period of time after the first year or second year when he wins trophies & wipes off love everybody his team get this. Until then I’m going to play them anymore well that’s his ego all rights but the way that they’re playing all the fact that I don’t know what whatever it is he does one thing really well and that is how we will end up taking Manchester united to the level of their have mean sir Alex Ferguson left so here’s that thing for you now pep guardiola he’s got a different strategy is gonna be interesting how the two fit together that but those marine l is somebody who only fight the battles. He knows he can win since all went to get service at Chelsea he got out I was it not here anymore thank you bye and you decide who decided this but i already knew what was going to do you have plans already to go to Manchester United long before everything happened so you do the same thing think about the battle.

You know that you can win this is what you thought you were gonna be working on where the odds are you might not succeed and tweak it and maybe dump of things you’re planning but do you think that you know is going to work and then do that again and again and again and refine it. And so you’re guaranteed to win every time people respect you for it nobody respects you if you’re really got a loser because nobody cares anyway so about what you think that ultimately will give us stuff it creates more success for you make that part of a learning curve and what people will pay for is the better you are at something and the harder it is to replace your somebody else they’ll pay for that will pay a higher and higher fees.

If you’re the only person I can deliver certain thing because they never have to that’s it it’s all over now I’m gonna work out in my England shirt now I’m going to really sweat I’m going to find it really painful I’m going to think. It’s only Rooney let’s not go there have a wonderful day leave your comments share this with other people as well if you’re a little bit sore about the England game but what about England, England getting kicked out actually means that most people go are a new they’re gonna get kicked out some point but I wish had been bit later.

So you can see in these people looking really, really disappointed more so anyway whatever you do.

Have a wonderful day!

Take it easy…Bye!

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