03 Dec 2016

How To Make Anyone Do Anything, Anywhere.

Live from a hotel somewhere in Fujairah. Will they find the bodies?

Good Morning!
Dave Crane of eternity those back again live in fujairah and for Jarrod’s in the UAE and if you want a google it just felt for sure act it wrong at every time talking like that spent, so much time my gorgeous daughter is five years old and when you’ve got a five-year-old you know spell stuff a normal way you spell the way that they would sit the sounds of each one different letters and so that’s a smoker Jerry google anyway God has placed England sauna. I’ve been hit before they already day 2 of doing some training with a company to get everybody motivated get to bond closer I get to be able to go out into the industry and makes it quite the floor of your opposition that’s better the intention of having me come in to change the mindset and teaching some special techniques that what I want to do today this morning.

It should be some really cool stuff all about sales and relationship building now I know that you say well then why would I be interested in sales are not self everybody is a sales person whether you sell to make money from selling or you talk to people every time you have a transaction of any kind it’s a sale because even if you say love the salty it’s saying hi this is me would you like to know more about me as a sales going to show you to them in a relationship. So why is this so important because most people are scared of selling the most people are very good at doing it the better you become doing it more you realize that everywhere you go there’s the same involved and so ultimately you can move things much closer to what you truly want to be and it becomes second nature to sell all the time all the time.

Because it can come creepy sometimes ok right to trigger outside let’s go outside on the balcony is gorgeous the things I’m probably make some noise which you really know your neighbors but it’s quite early and not had breakfast yet so this right now there you can you see how beautiful places this is a returner in fujairah yeah beautiful is very busy on this big tree outside my house my house my room and back to me again. Ok so what we’re talking about I was stable just sit down sup as love excited to see what’s up my head like she’s new in the chair what’s up like this. Ok we’ll have this in the background because it makes it look even more beautiful that’s just love riches ok to continue – oh shit right come in shadow you better move like that that better happy good all right so no talking about the most important way to create cells with first of all let me share a few things for my very good friends are you.

So dirty it talks about selling three certainty when you want to sell to somebody tell them that exactly what they want to know which is that it will work where everything is selling this will work on under seven and he also selling a solution to a problem may have the reason you sell of certain see is if you have doubts in your mind but what you can deliver or not they’re not going to buy from you, you’ve already said to it that make it not sure if it can happen who wants to pay for you to experiment on their time that’s never gonna happen so there’s a lot of other techniques that you can use first of the three seconds sell you don’t have the self in three seconds.

So somebody buys of you instantly from eating it and share this video is really cool is a deal to get them to provide me with in three seconds all you have to do is get somebody else to see first somebody else who looks at your social proof or evidence of things you’ve done before somebody else as you must talk to this guy and this girl she’s fantastic she’ll get the job done. I’ll do an introduction for you and they come along the same introduction and introduce you and all you need to do is just go yet i can do that and the sale is almost finished because they’ve done the homework before actually a right to meet him cool isn’t it.

Ok so part of the whole deal about selling is active listening that was active listing like this I mean it’s not passive like album who do awesome is talking you’ve got to be in the dance with somebody members things quite a lot isn’t it go inside you might as long as I’m gonna start talking and I sweat on my face and I don’t do it you’re gonna go who that’s not very sexy David Murphy slam sexy anyway if you did do and you could certainly change your tune that’s just it just closes up close and probably oh I’m i would need a second I’m still here just try to close the door so obviously doesn’t escape. Ok so let’s go to a really bright area so talking about active listening and getting making sure that the person knows that you value them any value your opinion is that still bright outside the bathroom don’t really want to show you a couple in there. Ok so what we’re talking about is paying attention to them saying back to them with things that they say checking out the trash words everybody’s got certain trends words that we use when you start using them back they go into a semi trucks now this is a weird way of saying him the thing about it is certain terms that you use all the time and people go wants to make droopy group is a transmitter me what’s up I like Rubik’s used to send his license DJ shaft and seventies is a rather cool that’s not cool.

So if I meet somebody and I’m saying look you think this is really good idea would say yeah they’ll be groovy I go up my word this must be a great person from the same like what wavelength as me because on the keys to it is you’ve got to prove to them that you are the same as me that’s why people buy from you because they know you like you and trust that you’re gonna love it. So the more that you can train idea with rap or that you have the same as me and that’s how you do it in a future session or talk more in depth about thing called a cog which is all about different Clues you can use because of the reputation of representational systems inside your head so some people are very visual for instance some people are very auditory visual means you see pictures and used to talk about things and some of the pictures in the words you use some people very auditory so you hear the sounds and you imagine the brain works defined in terms of sound and simple very clean static which means that you like to touch and that’s how you make relationship to generate information.

So when he goes in his office for instance you might find that some people want to see a proposal but what is he gonna do. So you sure the proposals that have looked through and miss all the pictures are working for them some people will get the same proposal flip very quickly put it to one side and they tell me about him now you can be easily offended by thinking but it’s not even bother about all the hard work i did but actual truth is that the same tell me about it because they’re all the tree that’s how they process the information we need to tell them. So then you can understand it better and some people they want to process it by holding the brochure or holding your hand which might be really freaky if you don’t use the holding of a mountain and other girls and why are you talking to them but they’re basically working out confidence based on the relationship of how they feel when we have all the evidence to hold you or something like that so lots of different things with a contact and also where that I movements goes tells you what they’re thinking – so all these different things is one thing I’ll tell you that which you don’t spend too long list of the whole section on it because myself in the next video gonna be doing a project called speaking grow richer. We’re going to train people to be public speakers and this is all included in our training mode show me one thing that’s very good to two things that aren’t very good maybe three two different first of all the sound of silence whenever you go to create a relationship with somebody go to sell to somebody then once you told them what it is you want to do and he made a proposal maybe offer show those anything.

Because what happens is the weakest person is a person to crack first anyone with me crack look if i say to you look I’ve got this wonderful project and it’s gonna be fantastic for you and you go creepy this is that silence and I went through on the broadcast because it was going to win I don’t think it’s got stuck but that silence weather breaks the silence and cracks has lost the arguments if they start by breaking the silence. Because it seems really weird and they’re going to say okay so what about this and you can answer in overcoming objections then go silent again and eventually the uncomfortable silence will run out I’m gonna go yet ok another thing that’s very useful is to say to people what’s stopping you from buying well I don’t like this. Ok so if we can overcome that I don’t like it in this color so we can change the color is what’s stopping you then well the price is too expensive well they can prove to you that this is more cost effective than buying the cheaper model because this one will last longer you will have to replace it in a year then what’s stopping you it’s not going to fit my house what we can prove to you that not only will fit in your house, it will assemble it for you in your house they’re not stopping.

And eventually you’ll end up with nothing and that’s what you’ve got a sale ok so putting all these things together very powerful for getting somebody to want to do business with you and one of the things I’ll talk about as well one last way of doing it is what we talked about a three second sale and ultimately people want to buy for me. Because of the fact that they’ve already done all that hard work this means that from this point on you’ve got to go on an ongoing basis creating social proof about who you are about how people can trust you but all the things that you have as evidence. So they can find you online linkedin recommendations the good things you post on facebook or even word of mouth from people that they would know so they can get you your Congress you’re in touch with the reputation you’re creating and you can see that it’s actually true once you’ve created that and still has become relatively easy now as I mentioned it’s not easy to think about doing things in terms of sales and have a conversation with somebody might not seem like it’s selling to you.

When you get a very high-powered level you’re always selling and his thing with every relationship you have a baby you train them or they will train you think about it I’m staying in a beautiful hotel. And right now if I went to the reception I wanted to talk to the manager supposed to launch it to where I want to complain about the room what you want because this hotel it sounds beautiful. So if I said right okay thank you um I’d like to complain about my room it’s excuse me sir we’ve got a cute butt you go to the back of sixteen minutes if i go to the back of the queue they’ve trained me to behave if I say you know what like to talk to a manager right now about the room they might say we’ll come to in a second now I say right now I want a manager right now I will tell everybody exactly how bad this hotel is a guarantee within a few seconds the supervisor or manager in front of me. I’m gonna say sir how can I help you we’ll take it to one side and instantly we’ll start by trying to pacify me now who’s trained to my trailer hotel to respond to me to get why once all they trained me to behave.

I’m not saying that become a horrible person everybody hates you because they’re big nasty believe that’s not what I’m saying I’m saying every relationship with your partner with your kids or your work colleagues with your boss when you go selling when you go to go by and shopping getting a taxi. That’s a matter is a relationship of a transaction involved if you don’t train them on the way that you wanted to go they will train you on the way that they are prepared to do it. And that doesn’t fit in the view it might be too late to entrainment which case you don’t end up with what you want I can’t believe I’m still sweating inside the house and it’s not the broadcast now on that happy note I’m gonna go get my breakfast do some training. And then we’ll be heading back to see my lovely family for the weekend that I probably do a broadcast with my tomorrow so on that bombshell you have an amazing day look at yourselves I’ll catch up soon. But next time I’ll do is I’ll probably turn on some lights when I work out where we are going to see my beautiful styling that phase that is something to run away from to look after yourself.

And make sure you subscribe as a regular person as opposed to do strange things person to my regular podcast/videocast so whenever I go online and you get a bleep saying Dave’s broadcasting so make sure you subscribe to I think it comes up automatically after this anyway.

So look after yourself have a wonderful weekend. Stay crazy!

I’ll see you soon.


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