09 Mar 2017

How To Live Forever

Good Morning! It’s me Dave Crane back from Maria’s three did you really miss me that much about you didn’t get the baby didn’t know what God richest of the blast had an amazing time. If you haven’t seen the videos that are then what’s up have a look I think there’s some interesting things on it and also you get to see what it’s like to. Unfortunately get cated for looked after when you stay on this gorgeous Island. Really nice people really chilled out and I’ve got another one coming out not in the Mauritius about another interesting assignment coming up tomorrow which I’ll share of you when i go meanwhile is going to stare that promise to share something with you a little bit noisy LOL in my love little doggie my roof you go to the CB.
Now there you have fully wash lucky hiding he’s camera shy hello chick now that’s all well anyway how are you in a business and so you you have a noise outside is our friends are doing interesting things to the road can you see this I’m going to show you actually the big steak welcome without opening the front door he’s got the door here not to worry anyway we got roadways we installed that will be all done effectively about six months. Don’t get me started I refuse the same thing about it but will did to say and share with you the trick to living forever and a lovely disease and my wife who’s up early way did you want to show. And I was going to get up and say my to school to make sure just got back from Mauritius. Yesterday morning and I brought you know sleep can you still hear me and I really do appreciate that stayed indoors for this specific move away that’s not quite so noisy around here.
Okay bit the garden might be a slightly better bet there you go right I did promise to share your secrets are living forever and it’s not just the big thing. It’s a little thing but it is really big in terms of ramifications now I don’t want to go anywhere near really Jim of this. Okay I don’t get anywhere near your spiritual beliefs that’s nothing to do with me and the and certainly it’s all about your choices so a lot of people believe that this life is difficult to heaven.
A lot of people believe it was life after death reincarnation or look that’s your choice I’m not going to spoil that is the Holy conversation we need to have or maybe we don’t about all that but what I will say is the concepts on life after death we shared with me ages ago on the idea is that will die which probably guessed but the way that you live after your death. Wait for it is because the way that you touch people that sounds really don’t mean like that the way that you leave a legacy so in fact you still pass away but the thoughts of love the emotion the people who cared for the way you moved the world forward all these things are what lives with your life after that.

So they might not remember your name maybe your kids remember your name or so on but what happens is those things you’ve done to make white better the movements think about it who do you talk about on a regular basis. I saw a mean that the other day on the internet all about Freddie Mercury as possibly the biggest pop star of all time I can’t really argue with that certainly in Iraq his legacy still continues with 20 on as many as 30 years since he passed away. Everyone still talks about Millicent the Cuban music I can’t see that going away any time soon not only was it so far ahead of its time but it was just so unusual.

And so charismatic and so good what you did nice guy as well so what about your legacy what you gonna do to move the world on maybe you need to write a book. Maybe he needs to help some charities maybe you need to make more contact with people or maybe you step up in your business in your relationships. Think about it right now your business you’re doing okay obviously we’re doing okay because you’re always thinking I could do better the competition’s there. And there wasn’t a recession and found the whole thing easier to deal with well supposing you set your target and your bar even higher is it right not only am I going to be able to get better clients make more money.
I’m also going to turn up to a higher level and had to go to a high level going to take on the big guys don’t know how I’m gonna do it will work out through partnerships through changing that my direction. Maybe I just narrow all my products right down there being just one single thing one thing and concentrate on to make sure that people have more of an interest in working with me one thing that maximize my profits all these things will allow you to create a bigger impact during your lifetime and also there’s another thing to be interested in let’s say that your biggest hitting years are up to the age of 16. I don’t know what that’s gonna be true in the future as people live longer because I know a lot of people are 70 plus it was just as smart and as sharp as their younger counterparts but certainly in terms of physical state for right now about the age of 45 to 60 you will get harder in business now.
The reason for that is you’re wiser you’re smarter you can still hold yourself up and people perceive you as not being an old person having a wise person so unless you’re actually going as a world boxing champion of martial arts champion that speed of delivery doesn’t necessarily have to be physical. It can be mental and it could be in terms of services and experience so how do you live forever to create a legacy you create a relationship with people you tell the world what you doing you’re right. The book I’ll show you how to do that in the future you create the tribe around you and the business that you have the moves a whole process forward and maybe get other people to join in but you become a founder of it wherever it is.
And I know your brain is thinking now trying to take over as what the angle should be like trace of that legacy for you on top of that you did how about having kids people whose job is to remember that you are there. Lots of good reasons and getting lots of out of my feet this step will have to move the dogs governor here you can show off so wherever you do open up your mind today the thing about how you can have life after death that doesn’t mean watching another zombie film which I what about too many recently. I miss to walk in there yes i will trap the ball in a minute – come here come here so about this come here bring the ball on this is what she does you still there chosen looks over the standard believe along with issues Ashton that gives the ball inside again.

This is typical as soon as you want something you sell do it was an hour just to the ball just what they want to spend too long on camera talking to people ok right that’s it for me. So wherever you doing create your legacy think about the things you truly want to do connect with the people who will miss you most. We’ll carry on your story and whatever it is you’ve been working on for the entire life and if it whatever you’ve been working on for your entire life isn’t that importance but you still want to have that impression on the world.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back and have a rethink about what is important to you is it the 925 it pays the bills or can you still do that and give 7 a-10 Robin ten at ten I’m working something else it’s more important to create that impression along the world but you made the world a better place during the time that you were here and ask for your thoughts I’m gonna get ready to work I’ve got to go to the jera tomorrow I’m doing two days of training with an amazing company events industry. I don’t let you know more about that as it comes around meanwhile have a wonderful day week after yourself and stay crazy that what i do this it’s not gone it’s just a thing i did my fingers .

Have a great day.

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