02 Mar 2017

How To Have The Best Day EVER

Good Morning, It’s Dave Crane from his kitchen. I just seem to come in here and otherwise by a built in studio we just have a bright lights that’s why is coming here to share time with you.
Ok, how to have the best day ever it’s very simple let me keep it short and sweet because the thing is my thoughts and my beautiful mind, you might have seen in other videos and so on. And she’s at school every day, she’s five years old not everything is up the weekend and nobody does that to their kids and that’s a really crazy. But anyone used to say to me enjoy school that the best days of your life and their words which is words. I hated schools. I hate it because you have to go every day you make the most of it. But I can’t wait to leave school and see if it was like outside of it.
Now when you get the work-life balance the fact you’ve got to start earning money in and find a job. And all the rest of it those years were horrible got to admit trying to find a job trying to understand what work life is all about didn’t like that so much but school. Well, school was not the best time of my life I don’t know why people tell that to the kids maybe it was. If you find it that was the best time of your life and your weapon rapidly thousand he’ll half the words that you really have to think about. Your choices because very simply here is the way to the best day ever every single day should be the best day of your life. Think about it every single day usually do stuff but you haven’t done before or you have done be going to be slightly differently.
You should challenge yourself you should make the intention of the day what you want easy to get away with was not so easy. But with me is my doggie action ago she’s not keen to go out in the morning because the garden is there. Because he’s busy doing stuff that seems to be going here living room let’s go to has been not only a wall who in fact let’s just go to this my favorite post is my favourite. In fact, funny enough so we want to share with you take the stairs to the office come with me.
All right that’s treatment when I’m around the house not sure I’m sticky there you go a little on Wednesday goodness good up says I don’t worry I won’t leave him duck might remember that will leave you learn. Ok, let me show you something that is something like this was going to take you somewhere deep and engine dark and dodgy or possibly.
All right this is my face and in the background you can see the beginning of Teen Titans because I’ve got the projector on for me to sit down. And have a dinner write something to show you promised I talked about it we just turn away from fall. So you can see a bit better. Ok like that Steve everyone was not leaving without very right I will have you looking at teen titans hopefully you’ll be able to see me not so much reflection.
Have a great day.

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