15 Feb 2017

How to get free coaching from Oprah Winfrey, Simon Cowell and Donald Trump… Part 2

Right! Well!

It was very quickly because we got cut off last time I don’t know how long the signal is going to let us know about free coaching. Now what to do is you find out who your men, who your ideal coach or mentor would be there. Could be real, that could be fictitious, it could be a big bunny but big buddy Bugs Bunny, this matter. But you learn everything you can about them, their mindset.

How they did things? The decision-making they made. Why did the things that did and why they went against the grain to become the heroes are super heroes. And heroines that you would mind then what you do is you program your supercomputer to be aware of them and their decision-making how to feel about things and why that’s a yes or no. And here’s the magic thing then we need to do is when you confronted with a situation where you’re not sure what to do ask yourself what would they do now? Your mind is a super computer so it can easily work out any algorithm it works out how to run you every single day.

So if you say to yourself what would Elvis do, your mind will give you an answer the subconscious mind will give you an ounce of what Elvis would probably do face to those circumstances. Maybe say yes, maybe it’s a no, maybe it’s sing a song, maybe gonna have a birder you do a number of different things.

But your mind can program that for you very rare especially just by you knowing enough about the character of the person living or dead and asking your mind what they would do so that’s how you get free coaching that might mean you never get a chance to meet up these people.

All for every moment you need it to get to where they got based on knowing how they did stop immersing yourself in their material that story that their biographies and autobiographies. And another thing is if we don’t particularly enjoy reading books get up time to read books they will do get the audio books download and buy them on CD.

Whatever it takes and play them in the car and that way you can do all your education while being stuck in traffic or going to be running against looking for the radio and finding out what some pop star, Kardashians meet up to last week but you weren’t so they are that’s the end of it.

Also, make sure you follow me, click the follow me button and I think it’s on the dave crane hypnotist, life designer page or might be on the normal page if you follow me apparently want to do a live broadcast. You get a notification with Dave’s life now so then you can catch this interact ask me questions and I can go over I don’t know already from a book.

Please don’t look at me look at me and get freaks up. I want to balance your questions and we have a wonderful day.

Look at yourself! Thank you.


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