07 Feb 2017

How to get free coaching from Oprah Winfrey, Simon Cowell and Donald Trump… Part 1

Good Morning!

I did promise something and I’ve been talking about coaching and mentoring. The last couple of days with very good reason that couch and can be expensive mentoring can be tricky to get somebody who you really want to work with.

You actually see a reason to believe it, could be above huge dollops of cash. But here’s a very simple way to get something you might really admire to work of you. He said it’s like using some of these biscuits or cake it’s not just adjusting a camera. You got a real good view of my part freaky part of that Freak is mine. So if you’re interested in working with somebody like Oprah Winfrey or if the music and want to have something like at Simon Cowell or if you in real estate or politics or that see how to get into politics with the executive Donald Trump that way of doing it better it’s quite simple. Because these guys are very busy we notice of these guys are very successful multi-millionaires. Have they got time to talk to little old you probably not so how do you get them to work with you.

Well here’s a little trick which is very useful and imaging talk to me any time of day when everyone’s and get something like a 75, the same correct answer from what you want to find out from how they would give me. Advice, here’s what you do with each of the stars that you like well as Madonna or rock star or maybe it’s something that’s passed away but like the late great legend Muhammad Ali. You study everything you can about them read the biographies, redevelop autobiographies. Watch their videos get used to the idea that you could even possibly do an impersonation of them.

So you get really into their psyche the way they walk, the way they talk, doesn’t go to walk around pretending to be I don’t know. Somebody who had my like that number Stephen Hawking or something if you know what I’m talking about is you have to be able to think along the lines of how they think.
Now once you’re able to think about how I learned that they think and understand the scenes that they make that can be programmed straighten yourself!

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