05 Mar 2017

Dubai Motivational Speaker Dave Crane

So this is happening. So your industry right now where changes taking place. But you just ignore it. It’s not that important but it’s so important because your role will evolve into being somebody who advises relationships of suppliers. And it’s not all done by email because you need to be able to persuade people more. Persuading people more means sales and emotional intelligence and things that would normally happen.

So how does that have a difference? Well let’s have a little go something else then. Alright everybody, stand up I’ve got to do this because you’ve all had lunch and the last thing you want is for somebody like me to say stand up. We’ve paid money, you entertain those, we’re not getting up for anybody.

Okay everyone stand up I wanted to put your hand in the air. Like that! Very good indeed; Some people saying my arms are too heavy, I ate too much just humor me. Alright, hand in the air like that and then turn your right hand into a gun. Can you see that the gun. Very good and the gun into a circle, the circle ok put a circle here I want to look at your circle and look at my face. Look at your circle, look at my face. Circle, face, circle, face and I place it on your chin.

Okay alright, how many people have got chin on the other side of the head and how many people got chin down here.

The industry has just changed in front of you and you didn’t know.

Give yourselves a round of applause and sit down .

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