07 Jan 2017

Deadpool in a box…

Good afternoon and hello to you!

My name is Dave Crane and we just want to share with you some fun with what we’re having today. I discovered this big box don’t you can see there’s a big box here cardboard box and found it in my star covered and I think I like about it so much I didn’t realize just how much stuff is in it. Now when all the final boxes you know you can find an old stuff in it shouldn’t really be still in the house if your clutter monster likes sex. I am but he keeps up you just go while you still got that there Dave why don’t you get rid of it. When you know after you turned well slightly older and I just don’t know what works but it is about so much stuff. I didn’t want it for a way just in case somebody once and it’s worth a lot of money and if you’re like me you tried too hard stuff sometimes you’re thinking well this could be worth a lot of men look what I discovered Deadpool.

Issue number one, this goes back to see what’s the date of it just find it here is always good when people look for stuff should have prepared in advance I got see what dates. Let’s go back to the original copy can see the dates on this one. But I think it goes back to the 1994-95 or something there’s about 20 years old and realized I’ve got the entire entire Deadpool series I’ve got. All the Deadpools here by this other thing is it would have been of any interest to anybody luxury that number one again it go google it. Wade Wilson it’s of no interest to anybody unless you’re a collector apart from the facts of these.

Now I like really powerful things when you go to like go to memorabilia places itself or do you like a thousand theorems which is what about a hundred two hundred dollars something like that the bank comics. Now I used to have tons and tons of them and I start collecting my parents when I was about five years old decided to get me into basic get me into reading. And so to do this what we did was labeled products to teach me reading quality on my comics now as the same just minor is not wholly the hell you hold on a bit thanks.

Ok I was only five and so we got coming here and you know you might not find the switch of the ones you like you can see but which comes to you like you’re like the x-men of the x-men ones here the original mutants the right. Yeah it’s one of the best only if you could be a superhero which one would you be. Oh Jean great you know she’s a nut ball just scary it was scary. Ok have you been eating chocolate on your mouth there give me a kiss I think that. So that’s your favorite superhero is that just because she’s a girl no other reason but she’s a pretty girl.

Okay there you go what can I get with that so what we can do the rest of the day baby that look like Christine next we’re going to put them all into plastic bags come back into stock of it. We’re going to read these comics and we’re gonna meet some of your stuff as well was nothing to read or watch cartoons what you watch my little buddy. Yeah for Teen Titans go, Oh teen titans yes inside that’s probably my little pony. So that’s everything today.

Have a good day!

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