29 Nov 2016

10 Bad Habits You Must Stop.

Lonely, grumpy or negative far too often? Here’s how you can change to very happy instead…

Good Morning!
How are you today? It’s Dave Crane for our live broadcast. It’s a bit bright and noisy outside to be honest with you. So I wasn’t I was thinking of doing it out here but it’s a bit hot that and the advice that they broadcast and sweaty you’re gonna go. Oh look, Richard Nixon dodgy well I’m not being called Richard Nixon before. So let’s go inside much better i just read the dog anyway so she’s gonna chilled out and then spread to make my breakfast. So if you are making your breakfast then you can watch this the same time but it’s making something like not bacon and eggs are you you’re cooking something off writing something is ready chance you’ll burn your fingers over. So I a little bit more attention all right today i want to share with you something that came up was thinking about it last night actually before I decided to go to sleep after really book etc and I thought well.

What I want to share you today but my big shot in my chest which I know you look voted is we have bad habits all the time lots of people have bad habits and unless something. Something about habits if you pick him up with someone else sometimes you think they’re normal things we should be doing on a regular basis and they’re probably not my lover in your mind. All the things that you see on a regular basis a lot of things that everybody else does so therefore it must be okay I love this stuff has created by the media which we all sort of except as being the long and they’re really, really, really, really bad for you so let’s do be not about 9, 10, 11 let’s, let’s pretend this 10 I’ll make up a number of different keep accounting going.

So another one let’s talk about pessimism let’s talk about having a really bad view of how the world is out to get you and the terrible things that the truth is the world isn’t out to get you the was actually quite cool about the world doesn’t care everybody’s thinking what’s in it for me. So the last thing they want to do is have time to worry about what worries you so I have a nice positive view of what’s going to happen in the world that will start thinking. Oh my goodness, it always happens to me it doesn’t always happen to you if you notice it because you’re living in your edge you’re experiencing your life the world is a wonderful place otherwise I’m people with that wonderful experiences and the reason that you do have better experiences.

And when you’re not pessimistic and you’re optimistic about the world your programming in mind to notice a certain type of thing if you’re negative you send your mind notice negative stuff to prove that the world is negative. So your mind goes ok doesn’t care just coz okay I get more negative stuff for you if you’re positive if he’s probably mind to say show me more good stuff in the world it goes. Ok, don’t care and shows you more proof that the world is a good place so make it a new habit okay make sure that you have been more positive our life is, is part of your natural makeup and you feel better.

All right number two blaming faints and I’m not going to go into a religion this one because addressing religion actually turns around have a very beginning and says your actions make you who you are not just believing about some entity some pre-written consequences are going to happen blaming outside things means that you don’t have to worry about what you actually do. Oh well you know I’m not really gonna make much effort because if it didn’t make much effort then it’s not really making a difference to the end results I just sit here and watch TV or even not even read a book read a magazine and find out what actions are doing and that’s how I’m going to compare their like to my life. And there’s a rich and they go let’s drink bones and all the rest of it look that simple stop blaming faith and start taking control faith doesn’t exist every single day you get the opportunity to grab life by the homes and do something with it if you don’t do something with it then it’s gonna be blamed for that you get the same thing when it comes to the very end of your life.

So he’s going to turn around so did you have a happy life you can really turn around and say no it was predestined for me to be miserable and they say well I had a good time how you gonna feel about that. So don’t wait I’ll probably go to wait till your death bed lying like that but we might not be you might be that way I don’t know I’ve never been on death bed but so stop blaming faith start thinking about how you can actually grab control and change it number three stop looking for the easy option now that’s a smart move to look at all the options and choose the one that you can do best. But sometimes the easy option isn’t the best one not least burying your head in the sand and hoping thinking about things grabbing control and just a matter of the options sometimes it is a tough thing sometimes the ocean you going to choose might not work out.

But it’s part of your learning curve be used to that sense of learning only comes from getting it wrong sometimes but growing on the person. And having those experiences that’s why you want to go shopping you don’t just buy sweets for my sweet because you know that ultimately you’ve gotta have a blend of things in your life to make you healthy so as part of that deal. Make sure that you actually look at different options not just think the easiest one okay it’s simple and other things get rid of let’s go to number four now jealousy stop being jealous of other people know that that always said stop being jealous of people because you never know what they had to do to get it. I remember when I was a kid at school I lived in Scotland had a kid in my class who actually following up his daddy’s to work in Bahrain which is just around lana from divided we’re actually live right now.

And is that works in the oil and says that in lots of money so is that always used to come on by remote control cars that can drive around in amazing toys a link to step up the TV which would only get it Christmas he’d get every time is that came back but here’s the twist he hardly ever. So it is that of course when is that came back he’d give them the very best presence of the kind of i love you Brian now what I’m going to say the guys name to the store it’s a good for my best mates in school but the point was that whenever you have to think about what other people have you got to bounce up with what is going to deal with if you think about how great it would be to be a Kardashian I want to be super celebrities Justin Bieber imagine not being able to walk around your house in your underpants without it going on press and being in the world imagine if you have a rendezvous the whole world sees and share it.

So millions of people are making allows the opinions about you without even knowing that you are you never know what people have to do to get by imagine being a swan right this one’s on the river and swan is gliding beautifully you say. Well that’s elegant underneath the water paddling like this to keep it all going everybody’s like that so stop blaming people stop being jealous because you’d be surprised how many people would turn around and look at you and say well have a look at all the options you’ve got you might not have all the pressures. I have I’d love to be in that position so having a kid wow you’ve got kids i love to have a kid well tell school fees Constant Contact looking after drawing them complete blessings I promise you but sometimes days off account cool as well and if you haven’t got a kid and you’re thinking well I’d love to have a kid there’s a balance and everything I’m just throwing up kids in the conversation.

But literally it’s not just about that don’t be jealous of people you don’t know all they have to do to get what we have and to maintain it as well number five stop blaming genetics don’t blame your mom your drum part blah blah blah. Yet you might have some physical ailment you might have some mental ailments you might have a whole host of things. But the question is what are you gonna do about it ok all the people turn around and say things like oh you know and have a big boned my entire family is big but that’s why with that now your factory to eat so much. I’m sorry I was terrible to say but with a simple formula and it’s not going through health fads ok it’s not having the latest that kids know the rest of it eat less exercise more that’s the old ok eat less exercise more. But whatever it is that you think about genetics just a little bit hard work find out exactly what it is that you can do to remedy and sort it out because I guarantee while you’re complaining about things. There’s a ton of people but found a solution and maybe that solution is just how to deal with it better maybe that’s the solution need to find but wherever is that’s what you should be working for us. We should be looking towards ok the supplement genetic indefinitely stop turn around blaming your family and say mom if only you’d married somebody solar then I will be able to reach other stuff on the top shelf.

Well maybe that’s like a chair stop whining alright so next up creative solutions always look for new creative solutions is part of training your mind whenever you have a problem go oh this is good what am I gonna do about it. Because the more you do that the more your brain grows with the ability to learn stuff it’s like playing chess first time we play chess I know you look at me saying they don’t play chess what if you play chess first time we played you have no idea is moving the pieces – that’s the phone patterns Minister has some formulas before you. Though you have to think about two three four maybe even more moves ahead with grandmasters can see the whole game in front of them because of experience and because of the logical thinking consequential thinking that they use it’s all part of your emotional intelligence.

So with creative solutions if you’re not sure ask a friend no that’s the obvious in the bed three friends up but google it google Alice’s yahoo Alice’s all these different things solutions people like me telling stuff to you sometimes you might not be the right solution for you but when it does give you his options and grab as many options as you can before you know it you might get closer to really want you need to be creative all the time. The more you train your brain to do it easy going to find the whole experience to be okay. We’re happy to that no Dave, don’t like you very much well you have to be so you have to be anything all right number 707 health fads ok all the time.

All the time you can be confronted with lots of wonderful new solutions are coming out usually these solutions are there to sell you something I know this sounds like the obvious cause it is hell that tend not to work already mentioned that the solution to losing weight stop beating workout not repeating eat more healthy be more aware drink of water to get better sleep. So you got more energy go to a gym go to the gym good advice get personal trainer work as a partnership somebody who’s also going to watch your diet and workout get yourself. So it becomes a habit so you don’t even notice doing it and slightly out of my Abbot which is why you haven’t seen me in the gym for a little while tomorrow morning and start my habits again living troubling I’m just different time zones and you’re going to day that’s your excuse me I’m saying that’s what I’m sticking to.

Ok, so what I’m definitely begin to so I said number seven healthy fats be aware that new things are happening in science all the time doesn’t mean necessarily of those the ones that you should be embracing and sometimes swapping you’re inside diet but something that doesn’t actually work for you is actually bad we are natural and being predators I mean do eat vegetables and we do eat you need to replace that if you’re not going to eat me a vegetarian I’m not probably that no problem being a vegan. But if you’re not going to get the stuff like protein into your system you gotta replace it with something else and I’m sorry but cabbage ain’t gonna be the thing that replaces it just do a bit more work before you turn around and say right.

This isn’t last thing I so on TV or a guy don’t pop said it was a really good idea that’s why i bought the book ok I’ve never have it that some people have is not to set goals and just go with the flow every single day. Yeah get out of bed I don’t know what’s going to happen today let’s just take the adventure that there’s nothing wrong with that as heavy as part of your overall calculations i was at my house have it as your overall balance of color of the calculations having days where you just go you know what I’m gonna have a day off but by and large set goals for yourself does anyone know what your achievement you know why you’re doing it. And having a certain direction making a big bucket list girls making small daily goals have a look at your list before you go to bed and in the morning decide which of those ones are going to work on and which have changed in your mind since before you thought about it before you want to bet you’re wondering the business at my house you’re very intrigued as well.

And I’m not some more about the way you know it was a man with a machete in which case I was just a haircut anyway but possibly not at all right here’s another thing that’s silly the bad habits that you have to get rid of ok you ready for this this will be number nine nothing remember only 18 something else all right number nine is actually not paying attention to experts. Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t pay attention to healthy fats or other things like this what it means it look if something is a lawyer somebody’s a doctor some of the carapace is on yourself and proven expertise of the displacement the odds are they know what they’re talking about now what tends to happen especially in politics is some people seem to think that I don’t believe any of us. Therefore it must be rubbish I’m gonna stick with my own plan because it’s not working for me but I didn’t want to consider your stuff before and ignorance is bliss ignorance is not bliss ignorance is actually stupid take it as many different sides and parts of the island as possible. You never know you might be missing out on something really important and if you got experts out there were saying this that and the other than that because they’ve spent lots of time working on it now.

Time is money, time is energy, time is very important if you don’t want to spend all the time finding alternatives to what they’re saying let them do the heavy lifting let the contracting contrasting arguments against easily anyway so number nine is always, always pay attention to experts were talking about subjects you’re interested in balance it up by checking out their credibility sometimes been getting sued. Because its argument rubbish and sometimes again discredited later it’s always interesting to have another opinion and that’s why sometimes you should just have an open mind and certainly don’t not people who got qualifications to say that we probably know a bit about what we’re talking about. I’m the last one number in of all I habits you need to stop having is this gossiping stop gossiping stop paying attention to where everybody else is saying good things about things you know that done that is very easy to get absorbed into it and the way that this is going to sound really sexist don’t mean it like this the way that the female brain is wired up is to enjoy conflicts to enjoy reevaluating situation.

That’s a have gossip or at least had conversations and emotions and relationships as things that really doing it excite you guys don’t get it they don’t have the same brain set up that’s all if you look at let’s go how our minds to set up guys don’t really get into gossip. It’s not being I’m not being bitchy I promise you but their brains are set up to do solutions that makes it so boring that’s why we don’t like shopping we don’t like the Hulk the idea of gathering and moving around and chatting which is probably shopping process we just want to go home to get it done finished ok with women is different. That’s why we’re enjoying them together and chatting and the go or do you know about this did this happen i didn’t spend hours doing about guys don’t get to have no concept.

But why is it is very important for you in your mind that you have the ability to chat and we evaluate because that’s how you reset your balance and reset your emotions and reset your mind so it becomes car but don’t get too used to go to be don’t be nasty gossiping be conversational slight difference. If you spend a lot of time thinking badly of others which is ultimately what gossiping has to be noise of elevating them in comparison to you and how you’re doing better and blah blah blah. It’s not good for you it gives you a negative opinion of people when you- you start thinking that everyone’s back starting the worst of everybody was easy to think the best of everybody it’s always really negative. That’s their problem man less time with those kind of people have opinions and other people it doesn’t care every single person doesn’t matter how big or small they are is working as hard as they can to be the very best that they can sum of rubbish it.

Some good at it give him the benefit of the that anyway that’s it ten things on the share of you can leave the kitchen now I’m gonna go make my breakfast no idea where my dog is gone I’m gonna have a wandering outside to find out who it was wondering up is in my garden creepy on I’ll go upstairs get a baseball bat.
And I’ll join you probably same time tomorrow so have a wonderful day!
Look after yourself and be crazy.. noooo in the background is my girls azizah and Maya and I on a Harley Bob’s know Scott.

So let me be in a wife and my daughter.

Had a bit of a freaky, all right take it easy see you tomorrow!

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